The Key to Winning the Lottery

key to winning the lottery

Whether you decide it is time to take that vacation or mini-retirement or any life changing experience your pocket all alone will never have enough. This brings to your attention what other means can cater for a luxury at the shore of some beach overseas and lottery is possibly a way out.

But why do I lose a lot of my money on this game?

This question always attracts most of us at the lottery but only because we play by chance and and luck and no any methods whatsoever. Changing your tactics can however spin the wheel and be the key to winning the lottery, and HOW TO WIN THE LOTTERY is exactly what this article is all about.


Not all lottery games are for you and if you want to win the lottery is by choosing the right ones to maximize your chances of wining.

key lotteryWhile the Powerball and the Megamillions are very attractive, bear in mind they attract other many players and thus their entry pool get increased meaning your odds of winning go low.

State lotteries however are less crowded as they require physical player involvement thus low competition. Remember the more people the lesser the probability.


One of the sure ways to lose your money is by being lazy to the point of allowing the machine to pick for you the numbers. This is like letting other person drive and expect to reach your destination safely.

powerball lottery numbers and ticketThe odds aren’t fair. I call this lazy too because how do you expect the lottery to give you the right numbers?

Obviously not, right? Choose your numbers and research about high frequency winning numbers as lottery is not a number but a selection of such.

Moreover, sticking to your number increases the chances of your ticket being the winning ticket. Being statistical with your numbers can prove to be very resourceful especially when you choose the numbers according to trends and their maximum appearance.

Searching for most winning numbers can also be of great help on how to win the lottery, this can be the most winning tickets.


While playing the lottery many people get the lottery fever ending up spending money for groceries and other utilities. While you hope for the best prepare for the worst.

You can lose.

Make a budget and ensure you grab discounts to get more entries in the game without spending more money as much as possible.

This not only reduces your chances of loosing more money but also increases your odds just as buying more tickets but on your tight budget.


Once you have bought your ticket, be very careful where you keep it. Do not forget to counter check at the end of the draw.

lost lottery ticketPeople often lose winning tickets through being ‘busy’ or at least forgetting about it. Always make a point to counter check whether your ticket was a winner or not.

In this processes ensure that you do not give your ticket away especially to a clerk. some of these are very unscrupulous and can take your ticket and say it was a lose.

The big secret to securing your win is to always sign your ticket too in order to trace it just in case it gets lost. Let them read the number and confirm if it was a lose. If it was throw the ticket, right? No, this is actually the next big mistake to avoid. Make sure to confirm if there is a second chance game and play it as it might be your chance to bag the millions.


To sum it up lottery is easier to win when you know your game.

This also means that you need to be careful and to make sure that you do not allow the lottery to take advantage of you but the other way around.

With this guide you can know how to play and win lottery scratch games. Top winners also suggest that patience and skill are the only recipe to success.

This do makes sense as fortune is worth a wait.

Good research and being more selective can prove to be a sure guide on how to win the lottery guaranteed.