How To Win The Lottery Using The Secret

The Secret to winning the lottery

First of all, what is the secret? The secret is the law of attraction.

It’s based on the idea that you can attract positive, or negative experiences to your life if you focus on positive, or negative thoughts.

If you think positively, you will attract positive things to your life.


the secret bookWinning the lottery would be a life changing event for many people, but very few think about how to win the lottery using the secret.

It involves much more than simply buying a ticket, or asking for a lucky dip.

The key to winning the lottery lies is in 3 simple principles.

Ask, Believe and Receive.


You need to ask for what it is you want to manifest. Write down what it is you want.

Maybe you could write the words how to win the lottery guaranteed, write down your ‘lucky’ numbers. Be specific. If a specific amount of money would help you, ask for it.

Use the present tense, so you could write I have won the lottery.

ask believe receive


You need to truly believe that you have the ability to make what you are asking for a reality.

Truly believe that you know how to win on scratch off cards, or that you know that you can win on the lottery. You will have been specific when you were asking, so you can believe that you will win whatever lottery game you play.

If you play Lottery 649, you need to believe that you know how to win the lottery 649. You need to use your intuition as well. If something tells you to play a certain game, or particular numbers, listen to it.

It’s important that you understand that there is a difference between believing that you will win the lottery, and hoping that you will.

Everybody who buys a ticket hopes that they will win, but you need to believe that you will win. This is the biggest hurdle for many who want to win the lottery using the secret.


In order for you to receive your lottery win, you need to be in perfect vibrational alignment. Some think of it as being similar to falling in love.

Both partners need to feel the same way, or be in vibrational alignment, for the relationship to work on a long term basis.

falling dollars lottery winner


There are two steps to vibrational alignment.

  1. First you need to be grateful for what you already have, and appreciate it.
  2. Secondly, you can use visualization techniques and meditation to help yourself believe that you will win.

Winning the Lottery with The Secret – Youtube Video


In order to win the lottery, you need to follow the steps above, and take massive action.

Every time you buy a ticket you are taking some action, but it’s probably not enough to be considered massive action.

You should also practice before you try for a lottery win.

Ask for smaller things, things you think of as achievable, such as a convenient parking space, a sale in your favorite store, or a free cup of coffee. Build your belief in the law of attraction, and your intuition.

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  1. I’ve used visualization for everything from a new job to helping with illness. I might try it for the lottery now that I know others have done it.

  2. The law of attraction is really just what the bible teaches except these guys have removed God from the equation.

    1. I think you are right Jez. The bible is filled with mystical information and after all everything comes from God anyway.

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