How to Win The Lottery Guaranteed

lottery winners

Lady Luck is a fickle mistress, as can be witnessed by the 1 in 14 million odds those in the UK face if they play the lottery.

For some however, like Richard Lustig who has won the lottery grand prize 7 times, even fickle Lady Luck can be tamed; or so he claims in his online university and book which purports to teach you how to win the lottery.

Apparently it has lessons detailing lottery strategies by answering the question “how can I win the lottery“?

However, this system can only teach you how to increase your chances of winning the lottery, if you’re looking to guarantee yourself a lottery win there is only one way to do that.

Is There A Guaranteed Way For Me To Win?

The answer to this question is surprisingly yes, but the process is labour and cost intensive. The only way to guarantee a lottery win is to buy a ticket for every single possible number combination.

lottery money jarIn the case of the UK lottery you would need 14 million pounds to get this done.

This approach takes the more popular method of ‘wheeling’ to the extreme; as wheeling involves buying multiple tickets and using 7 number as opposed to 6 to maximize your probability of winning by giving you a greater number of combinations of the numbers.

However, this is not the only way that you can go about trying to win the lottery.

Are There Any Other Methods?

There are numerous methods and systems that claim to teach you how to win the lottery with The Secret. These either guarantee wins or at least promise to tip the odds in you favour.

Some of these techniques include:

  1. Picking your own numbers – Lustig dropped one gem of advice in when he suggested that players pick their own numbers as opposed to using “quick-picks” as way to increase their odds.

  2. Random selection –This method exploits the fact that there are so many other systems that people swear by. Its aim is not to guarantee you a win but rather to ensure that if you do win, you maximize your winnings. The logic is that since there are so many systems in existence, by just choosing random numbers your decrease the number of other possible winners that could be a part of your batch.

  3.  Picking previous winning numbers – the Swiss lottery found a surprising trend of people using the previous weeks Lotto numbers

Any Advice For Scratch Offs?

Scratch-offs are an increasingly popular form of lottery, so many want to know how to win a lottery scratch off game.

winning scratch cardAgain this piece of advice comes from Lustig who advises players to buy 10 lottery scratch-offs that come consecutively in a roll.

He claims that if you buy 10 scratch at least one and up to 3 will be winners. He demonstrated this on the Rachel Ry show for anyone interested in confirming its authenticity.

The moral of this story is that the key to winning the lotto, is so labour intensive and expensive that it’s hardly worth it to a regular person, and definitely not worth it to someone who has an extra £14 million to spare.

Whether its scratch offs or just regular lottery numbers there is only one true way to guarantee a lottery win.