How to Win a Lottery Scratch Off

According to many people, the lottery is a game of chance/luck where only a few lucky winners benefit from pooled bets. However, many lottery games are games of possibilities and not blind luck.

Luck plays a part in determining the winner but the games are primarily based on the law of mathematical probabilities.

These probabilities can be manipulated to decrease one’s probability of losing and increase the probability of winning.

lottery Scratch CardsBy manipulating lottery odds correctly, a number of lottery players were able to win the lottery more than twice.

Joan Ginther, a professor of statistical analysis and Larry Blair a mathematician won the lottery four and 3 times respectively, by manipulating the numbers.

Even though lottery games differ, the concept of the games is usually universal.

Here are a few tips onto help you win more scratch offs.

1. Set a budget

Setting a budget is one of the most important point of consideration when paying any lottery game.

Just like any other form of profitable risk, playing the lottery requires you to have a constant budget to sustain your plays, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

lottery money jarIt can be either a daily, weekly or a monthly budget of an amount that you are willing to lose without straining yourself.

Scratch off lottery tickets vary in price between $1 and $20 apiece depending on the game and location.

The low priced tickets attract a small payout and number of overall winners, as well as a small difference between the top prize and interval prizes. High prized tickets, from $5 and higher, attract a higher jackpot, payout and number of overall winners.

Having a budget helps you to play higher prized tickets more easily, thereby increasing your chances of winning higher jackpots.

Remember not to use money outside the budget to chase losses: the odds never change in your favor.

2. Buy smartly

With a budget in place, the other key to winning the lottery is the art of purchasing your tickets. When buying scratch off tickets, remember to stick to one scratch game at a time.

Playing different games decreases your odds of winning unlike where only one game is played.

scratch card budgetAlso, remember that you are playing under a budget and playing more games can complicate the chances of staying within that budget.

When buying tickets, it is also important to consider buying in bulk.

Although it is rare to find two winning tickets in a row, there is usually a winner in a roll if tickets.

Avoid buying a ticket from a pack where the winner has been declared. At that point, it is okay to change the store and game, whilst sticking to the budget. In many games, there will always be a winner every pack of 30-40 tickets.

One guaranteed way of winning is by buying the entire pack. Although you end up spending more, you still make a profit
from the winning ticket.

3. Understand the odds of the game

Depending on the game you choose to play, it is important to consider the type of odds it comes with. One way to win on the lotto is buy purchasing tickets with better odds.

Normally, the odds are indicated on the ticket as 1:5 or 1:20 indicating that 1 out of 5 or 20 tickets wins.

For most games however, the 5 or 20 tickets may be spread across your area or even state. To increase your odds, avoid picking tickets with obvious numbers and always remember to keep your loosing tickets.

Much scratch off games run second-chance lottos from old tickets or have other prizes for losing tickets.

Many players are however not keen about this and end up throwing away tickets that would have won them something else. By avoiding small mistakes like these increases your chances of winning the lottery from a scratch off ticket.

4. Examine every ticket you play

Paying attention to the details of each card that you play is one of the secrets to how to win the lottery by increasing the chances of winning. All tickets come with their own serial numbers and patterns.

good luck in the lotteryThe numbers played occur in a pattern, which can be learnt to increase one’s chances of hitting the jackpot.

If, for example, a particular number appears frequently on the winning tickets, it probably will not appear in the next winning ticket.

By manipulating the pattern correctly, you are able to square in on the most possible number patterns that guarantee you a win.

Winning the lottery scratch off is not easy but it is also not as difficult as many people think.

The above four tips are the four main tips that you should consider when playing lottery scratch offs.

Just like investments, playing the lottery requires patience even in events of loss.

With careful consideration based on the above four tips, winning a lottery scratch off is more of a guarantee than a possibility.